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Wreckage parts from a Mosquito bomber on The Curr in the Cheviot hills

Wreckage parts from a Mosquito bomber on The Curr in the Cheviot hills

Last week I went walking in the Cheviot hills, just south of Kelso. I walked along the Pennine Way past some horseriders and up to the 564m summit of The Curr. There were great views northwards into the Scottish Borders and south to the summit of the Cheviot in England, just a few kilometres away.

Not far from the summit at an altitude of about 540m on the north-western slope of the The Curr is the wreck of a Mosquito bomber that crashed here during WWII. It is only about 1km from the border between Scotland and England, and about 6km north-west of the Vickers Warwick wreck site on The Cheviot (see my page about this site here).

There is a small scar on the hillside that marks the point of the crash, and all the wreckage lies at this point, except for a piece of armour plating about 60m further down the hill. Identifiable pieces of wreckage include undercarriage sections and possibly engine cowling. Some small wooden parts can still be seen (the Mosquito bomber famously used wooden components in its construction).

You can see my page about this wreck site on my website here.

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  1. bill patterson

    being in 1716 sqn ATC st.boswells in1973 6 of us cadets managed to retreve 1 wheel 1 prop we rolled the wheel down the curr it is to my understanding it went to dumfries air museum . the engines were found by us and are there on the curr about 400 meters north east of the main dig site .also as far as i know was pilot officer baird other not known this mosquito was a recon aircraft .hope this helps eddie regards bill p my wifes email


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