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Wellington wreckage on Carn Aosda

Wellington wreckage on Carn Aosda

A couple of weekends ago I went for a short hike over the summit of Carn Aosda near the Glenshee Ski Centre. I walked up to the summit along one of the main paths underneath the ski tows but I descended off the summit into the little-frequented northern corrie of Carn Aosda, Dubh-choire. The conditions were perfect, with frozen ground underfoot and excellent visibility. I had an amazing view of the Cairngorm summits to the north with a covering of fresh snow. You can see a couple of photos I took on the trip on my website here.

High up in Dubh-choire, about 1km away from the summit of Carn Aosda, is some wreckage from a Wellington bomber that crashed on the mountain in 1942. The engines were removed from the site in 1999, but there are still some fragments of the aircraft remaining. You can see my photos of this wreck site and some more details on my website here.

This is the fifth Wellington wreck from the 1940-1944 period I’ve visited in this general area of the Scottish mountains (the others being on Beinn a’Bhuird, Bynack More, Ben Alder and Ben Tirran). This hike was also on Remembrance Sunday, which gave the trip added poignancy.

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