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Yesterday Lesley and I went to Hampden Park in Glasgow to see AC/DC. It was the final concert in the European leg of their Black Ice tour, and it was an absolutely amazing show, much better than the Iron Maiden concert Lesley and I saw at Twickenham stadium last year.

The sound was excellent, and our seats gave us a great view (the stage was set up on the long axis of the stadium, as opposed to the short axis for Iron Maiden at Twickenham – a much better arrangement).

It was a very hot and humid evening but the band never let up for over two hours, playing a lot of their best known songs from their back catalogue plus some new ones from their recent Black Ice album. Angus Young in particular was a demented guitar demon.

Standout moments for me were Angus’ striptease (!) on The Jack, Whole Lotta Rosie, and Let There Be Rock which featured a very self-indulgent guitar solo and messiah-like performance from Angus Young but which was incredibly enjoyable.

I’m glad I got the chance to see AC/DC live – I first encountered them when I was 12 years old, hearing a live tape of a concert with the audience chanting ‘Angus… Angus…’ – and 26 years later I got to do it for real!

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