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Last Saturday (as well as moving flat) I went to the Glasgow SECC to see the The Australian Pink Floyd (a Pink Floyd tribute band) with Lesley. We’ve seen this band once before, and they’re probably the closest that you can get to seeing the real thing live, so closely do they recreate the sound and stage show. Highlights for me were seeing the The Gunner’s Dream (from the Final Cut album), and a section of the Animals album performed, and an inflatable pig and kangaroo(!). Lesley has also blogged about the show here.

We stayed the night at a hotel right next to the SECC, and on Sunday we went for a walk up Auchineden Hill in the Kilpatrick Hills to the north of Glasgow to the improbably-named Whangie, a striking formation of rock cliffs, pillars and crevices that looks out of place compared to the rest of the hill which is just a regular heather-clad grassy mound like every other hill in this part of Scotland. It looks like a small part of Skye that has been transported to Glasgow. The Whangie is a popular spot for learning rock-climbing which I came to this spot many years ago for when I was at school.

The views from Auchineden Hill are out of all proportion to its height (357m) and we had a perfect day, with views to the summits of The Cobbler, Ben Lomond, Ben More and the Campsie Fells, as well as to Loch Lomond. This view is famous and is one of the many spots in Scotland labelled ‘Queen’s View’. The tower blocks in the centre of Glasgow were also visible, making a nice contrast with the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately everyone else in Scotland seemed to have the same idea as us and the walk was very busy, unlike my walk up to Creag Uchdag three days previously.

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