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Last weekend I went on a 2-day first aid course. The course was run by First Aid Academy and was based at the Bonaly Outdoor Centre in Edinburgh. After the 2 days of the course I gained the ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid.

The content of the course was similar to the BASP first aid course I did in December 2008 (see my previous blog posting ‘BASP first aid course‘), with basic first aid training supplemented by scenarios and skills particular to situations that might possibly be encountered in remote outdoor areas away from immediate assistance. This course was slightly more intensive and demanding than the BASP course though, with a strong emphasis on learning and applying practical skills (casualty assessment, CPR, dressings) in mock accident situations both indoors and outdoors.

I did the course as part of my preparation for the ML award, but as with the BASP course, it is a valuable experience for anyone hillwalking or going into the outdoors with a group. I certainly feel much more prepared to deal with accidents if they happen (be they in remote or urban locations, or in the workplace) having been on these training courses.

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  1. Neil Reid

    Hi Eddie,
    I went on a similar outdoor-orientated course a number of years ago and would agree with what you said about the confidence you gain. Should really get it updated though: the basics are still there, but it always helps to get a refresher.


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