Posted by & filed under Music, Personal, April 21 2007.

Last Wednesday, Lesley, Ali and I went through to Glasgow for the evening to see Porcupine Tree at the ABC venue. Lesley has also written about the gig on her blog here. Porcupine tree are an amazing band, playing what could be described as contemporary prog rock, but with a very heavy guitar sound. They have just released a new album, Fear of a Blank Planet, which they played all the songs from at the gig.

I have seen Porcupine Tree once before, also in Glasgow, last September. Tonight was the first show of a long tour and they were a little rusty, but still put on a really good show. There was lots of amazing drumming and some stonkingly heavy guitar sounds. Two of the songs from the new album, My Ashes, and Anesthetize sounded fantastic live. The three songs they played for the encore were the highlight of the show for me – Mother and Child Divided, Even Less and Halo.

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