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Two weeks ago I travelled to Lochgoilhead to walk to the 779m Corbett summit of Beinn Bheula.

I started the walk near the large holiday park near Corrow on the shore of Loch Goil and headed west along a forestry plantation track to the east of Beinn Bheula.

I managed to lose my way twice during this walk due to these forestry tracks being different to those shown on my OS map; there have been quite a lot of changes on the ground since my out-of-date edition of the map was printed in 1992.

The first time I got lost merely meant I wandered up Cruach Nam Miseag and got some good views earlier than I expected, but the second time was near the end of the day and I had to take a difficult shortcut through a wood and along a river near the Drimsynie Estate to get back.

It was a very warm day but also with some light rain showers – wearing a waterproof jacket in these sorts of conditions is no fun!

On the bealach between Cnoc na Tricriche and Beinn Bheula there is an aircraft wreck site; this is the remains of a Royal Navy Grumman Marlet (also called a Wildcat) that crashed here during World War Two in 1940. You can see more about this (including photos) on my website here.

Although Beinn Bheula is not a particularly high summit, it’s the highest point in the area, and the views from the top are worth the trek. Coming down from the summit on the north ridge was reasonably difficult due to some steep crags that required careful route-finding; in mist or winter this could be pretty dangerous. Beinn Bheula is proof that you don’t have to walk up high summits to have a big day on the hills in Scotland.

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