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Last Friday evening I went on a hillwalking night navigation course run by C-N-Do. I was doing this to get some practice for the ML Award assessment I hope to do at some point this year. The course mostly consisted of a lot of micro-navigation at night across featureless terrain in the western Ochil Hills.

However, the effectiveness of the evening’s activities was reduced somewhat by the moon, which by an unlucky coincidence was at 100% full phase that evening, high in a cloudless sky and was the brightest full moon of the entire year! The night was so bright that sometimes the use of a head-torch was not required, so it wasn’t perhaps as challenging as it could have been. Temperatures were below freezing though, so it was still a fairly tough 3 hours.

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  1. Eddie

    I did indeed get a very good view of the Moon and Mars, which I actually used as navigation aids at a few points in the evening! Relying on navigating by the stars is not recommended in Scotland though, too much chance of cloud cover.


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