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Yesterday I went for a long trip (about 36km round-trip) along the length of Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms. From Tolvah I cycled along the good tarmac road to Carnachuin (great views of Carn Ban Mor and Coire Garbhlach), crossed a bridge over the river Feshie (which looks like it might fall down very soon), and then into the upper glen which becomes a steep-sided gorge.

Cycling became very difficult at this point (NN848916), so I dismounted and walked the rest of the way (about 8km) to the bridge over the River Eidart near the Feshie/Geldie watershed. It was a hot and sunny day and beyond the bridge at Carnachuin the Glen was very lonely and deserted. It was a reasonably difficult walk through the upper part of the Glen, as the path crosses several deep rivers (although the only danger involved is in getting wet feet) and landslides have swept away the path in a couple of places.

The bridge over the Eidart crosses a spectacular waterfall and looks a bit precarious (I didn’t attempt to cross it). I had a plan to walk across the remote and desolate watershed area to the summit of Carn Ealar, a Munro summit I have not been to, but the distances and time required were too great. Carn Ealar must rank as one of the most remote Munros in Scotland.

You can see the photographs I took during the trip on my website here.

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