Posted by & filed under Military/Aircraft, Mountains & hills, May 23 2008.

Two weeks ago I went for a short walk in the Pentland Hills, near where I live in Edinburgh. I walked up Hare Hill to look for the remains of a German Junkers Ju-88 bomber that crashed here during a raid on Edinburgh during World War Two in 1943. All four crew were killed in this crash, and I had read that there were still significant wreckage remains at the site.

This site seems to be little known, despite being so close to built-up areas. It took me four attempts to find amongst the heather and grass of the north-western slopes of Hare Hill, but I finally discovered it during this walk.

A small post marks the spot with a plaque showing the names of the crew who died. There is more wreckage than I expected, contained in five neat piles. All the wreckage is very mangled and most of it is unrecognisable lumps of metal. It’s a forlorn and sombre spot, but the views across the Firth of Forth to Fife are excellent.

You can see more about this (including photos) on my website here.

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