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My blog is exactly two years old today, and I’ve written a lot of stuff in that time, most of it very boring. I use this blog to keep a record of things I’m doing, to try and get my thoughts about a particular topic in some sort of logical order, or jotting down work-related musings for my own benefit. I have no idea how many people actually read it.

6 Responses to “I am two”

  1. Anonymous

    I wander in here now and then. So there’s at least three folks reading your musings which is much better than talking to yourself.


  2. Andrew James

    I read it sometimes, Eddie; I came to it today via Scribble. Re: user stats; I’ve used Google Analytics tools before; just insert a couple of lines of code into your blog template, and you can see all sorts of stats about your readers…

  3. Kate

    I read it sometimes too. In fact, I subscribe to it and display and RSS feed from this blog on my iGoogle homepage. No really, I do!

  4. Eddie

    Looks like I have a few people reading my blog then! I’ll see if I can keep it going for another couple of years…


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