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The summit of Aonach Meadhoin from Sgurr an Fhuarail

The summit of Aonach Meadhoin from Sgurr an Fhuarail

I spent Saturday and Sunday last weekend in Glen Shiel, staying on the Saturday night at the Cluanie Inn, which I think is one of the best places to stay in Scotland for hillwalking – it sits right in the middle of an enormous area stuffed full of fantastic mountains and remote landscapes. Late April and early May is a good time to stay, as it is quiet, the weather is often good and there are no midges about.

On Saturday I walked up Sgurr an Fhurail from the Inn with a friend. We had intended to climb to the summit of Aonach Meadhoin, but the ridge between the two tops was plastered with deep snow that had the consistency of porridge, and would have made progress very dangerous on the steep sections, even with ice-axe and crampons (which would have been useless in collapsing slush). The amount of snow at high elevations in the whole area was remarkable for such a late date in the year. There were great views from the top of Sgurr an Fhurail though.

On the Sunday I decided to stay away from the tops and did a low-level walk along the track through the An Caorann Mor to the head of Glen Affric and back. This part of Glen Affric has a very wild and remote feel about it, with towering mountains all round enclosing it and making it feel very isolated.

You can see the photos from the walk on Saturday on my website here.

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