Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, May 27 2008.

Two weeks ago I walked up Ben Wyvis near Inverness with Lee, an old friend from school. We had a fantastic warm day for it, with perfectly blue skies. The top of Ben Wyvis is a long, broad and grassy ridge that makes for great walking. With the clear air we had that day it was like walking along a balcony with a view of the whole Scottish Highlands.

It was almost exactly a quarter of a century (give or take a few days) that we had both climbed our first summit in Scotland (Cairn Gorm in 1983) whilst at school, and we celebrated on the summit with some lager and cider – drinks often dismissed as dangerous by hillwalking killjoys but absolutely perfect for this day! The actual highest point of Ben Wyvis is called Glas Leathad Mr.

You can see photos from the walk on my website here.

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