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On the summit of Ben Chonzie

On the summit of Ben Chonzie

Last weekend I climbed Ben Chonzie with a work colleague. It was a the first proper winter hillwalk of this year, with ice on the route and a good covering of snow on the broad summit ridge above about 800m. We saw plenty of all-white mountain hares, they are very widespread in this area.

Ben Chonzie is the nearest Munro summit to where I live and is probably one of the most straightforward to ascend, making it a good hill for winter practice trips.

We were quite fortunate to get a clear spell in the weather while we were walking on the summit, and there were fantastic views to the nearby Ben Lawers range. We also saw a fogbow on the summit as the sun shone on some some small mist patches nearby.

You can see all the photos from the trip on my website here.

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