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Luftwaffe Junkers Ju-88, Hare Hill, Pentland Hills, crash date 25/03/43.

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OS 10-figure grid refs (GPS):
NT 16960 62142
NT 16959 62137
NT 16975 62153
NT 16973 62171
Google Maps display showing wreckage locations
This site lies at an altitude of 400m in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. The site is about 300m north-west of the summit of Hare Hill. The German aircraft was on a bombing raid of Edinburgh during the second world war when it crashed in the Pentland Hills to the south-west of the city. There are 5 small debris fields at the site (separated by about 20m), one of which has a marker post situated at it with a small plaque containing the names of the German aircrew who died. One of the debris fields contains what looks like the remains of a leather boot. The site is relatively unknown and not all that easy to find despite being so close to major population centres (it took me 4 visits to locate).
These pictures were taken in May 2008.
The ACSS website has some pictures of the site and information about the crash here. The PDAAR website has a picture of the site here.