RN Grumman F4F Wildcat/Martlet, Beinn Bheula, crash date 13/12/40

[Picture from wikipedia.org]

OS 10-figure grid refs (GPS):

NS 15772 97367
NS 15718 97351
NS 15700 97301

Google Maps display showing wreckage locations

This site lies at an altitude of about 620m in Argyll near Lochgoilhead. The site is about 1km south of the summit of Beinn Bheula, on a broad grassy bealach. The site is fairly easy to get to along a track through a plantation, and easy to locate at the base of the crags south of Beinn Bheula on the route the to summit from the south.

There are three pieces of wreckage at the site, about 50m apart from each other. The easiest to find is a piece of fuselage which sticks up out of the ground, but to the east of that is a piece of wing lying on the ground, with a faded roundel visible on it. Slightly harder to find is the engine, which is in a ditch to the west, and which is in the process of being covered by boggy ground.

The ACSS website has some information about the crash and photos of the site here.

These pictures were taken in May 2008.