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Last weekend Lesley and I went to Skye for a short trip. We visited Talisker Bay and Glen Brittle, and spent the Saturday evening eating and drinking in Portree. Highlight of the trip was a boat trip from Elgol to Loch Coruisk, in the heart of the Cuillin mountains.

It’s a truly spectacular and remote spot – perhaps the most scenic place in the British Isles. According to a recent ITV program, Wastwater in the Lake District beat the Cullin mountains on Skye for the title of ‘Britain’s Favourite View’ – which I think says more about the number of people who descend upon the Lake District every year than it does about any notions of natural spectacle or beauty.

Loch Coruisk is certainly pretty forbidding with the dark mist-encircled peaks of the serrated Cullin ridge rising straight up from the sea to 3000ft and forming an enormous amphitheatre around the loch.

There were quite a few seals and seabirds to see, and we also got a good view of the ‘Bad Step’ – a rocky barrier on the footpath between Loch Coruisk and Camasunary that is pretty difficult to negotiate – one slip and you’d end up in the sea. It’s much easier to get to Loch Coruisk by boat.

Photos from the weekend can be seen here.

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