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Yesterday I ran in the 10k race in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. This was the first organised run I’d taken part in since the Edinburgh Marathon in 2009 (see my previous blog posting ‘Edinburgh Marathon‘).

In 2007, I ran in the 10k race in the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow (see my blog posting ‘Great Scottish Run‘) . My time then was 01:01:48 and I was hoping to improve on this time in yesterday’s race, my target being anything under 1 hour.

I achieved my target time in yesterday’s race, with a time of 00:58:05. I came 556th out of a total of 2121 runners who finished. This was also (just) faster than my 10k split time in the 2009 marathon (00:58:16). I was quite chuffed with this as the Edinburgh route was more difficult than the Glasgow one, with some tough climbing sections around Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park in high temperatures and strong sunshine.

Lesley also ran in the race and got a personal best as well. A couple of years ago she had never run properly before, so completing the 10k in a respectable time was a considerable achievement!

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