Using GIS techniques to analyse and model the topographical environment and dependencies of long-lasting snowpatch locations in the Scottish mountains

Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, Science, December 7 2011.

One of my pet interests is the study of long-lasting (and sometimes ‘perennial’) snowpatches in the Scottish mountains. I have written many previous postings on my blog on this subject (see a list of these on my website here). The question of what factors affect the longevity of snowpatches in the Scottish mountains through the… Read more »

Cycle routes in the Cairngorms and the Borders

Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, September 19 2011.

Last week I met up with my friend Bernhard and we undertook a 35km cycle route in the northern Cairngorms. The route was an anti-clockwise loop starting and finishing at Loch Garten. We took advantage of the only day with a forecast of good weather that week, and we had ideal conditions for cycling, with… Read more »

ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid

Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, Personal, September 17 2011.

Last weekend I went on a 2-day first aid course. The course was run by First Aid Academy and was based at the Bonaly Outdoor Centre in Edinburgh. After the 2 days of the course I gained the ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid.

My 200th Munro summit – but who’s counting…

Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, Personal, August 4 2011.

I don’t like to think of myself as a Munro-bagger (see my previous blog postings, ‘I’m not a Munro-bagger, honest‘ and ‘Munro nonsense‘), but I do keep a diary of all the hills I climb, so inevitably I also have a record of how many Munro summits I’ve got to the top of.

Environmental Awareness course

Posted by & filed under Mountains & hills, Science, July 26 2011.

Last weekend I attended an Environmental Awareness course at Glenmore Lodge, as part of my preparation for the ML award. Our group was lucky enough to get Keith Miller as an instructor for the weekend, who is a real expert on the environment of the Scottish mountains (he wrote the Invertebrate Life chapter in the… Read more »