I am two

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My blog is exactly two years old today, and I’ve written a lot of stuff in that time, most of it very boring. I use this blog to keep a record of things I’m doing, to try and get my thoughts about a particular topic in some sort of logical order, or jotting down work-related… Read more »

The Atlas Mountains

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Last week I went to Morocco to spend 3 days in the Atlas Mountains, on a tour organised by Epic Morocco. My aim was to get to the 4167m summit of Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, which would have been the highest I’d ever been, but I didn’t make it.

BASP first aid course

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I spent last week attending a two-day first aid course at Lochore Meadows in Fife. It was a BASP (British Association of Ski Patrollers) course, but it was of quite a general nature and most of the course syllabus was applicable to everyday situations.

Air wreck site on Broad Law

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Last weekend I went walking near Broad Law in the Southern Upland hills near Edinburgh, to look for the remains of a North American Harvard aircraft that crashed here in 1953. I found the site on a ridge of Broad Law above a wood, with excellent views of the surrounding hills.

Motorhead & Saxon

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Last night Lesley I travelled through to the Carling Academy in Glasgow to see a double bill of Motorhead & Saxon.


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Last night I went to see the Glasgow band Mogwai at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. Mogwai are a very strange band – they hardly ever have vocals in any of their music and seem to be willfully difficult to approach on an emotional level. I think half of their music is sublime, trippy guitar rock… Read more »


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Last weekend Lesley and I travelled through to Glasgow to see Queen at the SECC. Lesley and I are both Queen fans going back a long way, and we have both been a bit fanatical about them at certain points in our lives (me during the early eighties, and her since the late eighties).