Perennial snow in the Scottish mountains


I've written several postings on my blog about this topic and I have discovered a few websites and publications that I've used to explore it further, although it's still very much an unexplored and esoteric area, even amongst people who spend time in the Scottish mountains.

Some resources are listed below and provide a good overview - the academic papers in particular are a mine of data and information if you can get access to them.

The acknowledged authority in the study of long-lasting snow in the UK (as well as being an expert in the ecology of the Scottish upland environment, particularly the Cairngorm mountains) is Dr. Adam Watson.

My blog postings:



Scotland's Winter Mountains, Martin Moran, 1998
(the best book available about the winter environment of the mountains in Scotland, including information about long-lasting and perennial snowpatches, but now slightly outdated and out of print)

The Snow Tourist, by Charlie English, 2009
(contains a chapter about the long-lasting snowpatches in Garbh Choire Mòr in the Cairngorms)

Seton Gordon's Cairngorms, edited by Hamish Brown, 2009
(contains chapters about Gordon's observations of long-lasting and perennial snowpatches in the Cairngorms in the first half of the twentieth century, as well as his observation of the complete disappearance of the Garbh Choire Mòr snowpatches in 1959)

So Foul and Fair a Day, by Alastair Dawson (2009)
(no information about Scottish snowpatches, but the best, most up-to-date and most accessible book about Scotland's weather and climate)

Cool Britannia, by Adam Watson & Iain Cameron, 2010
(see my review of this book on my blog here; there is also a short and inadequate review on the Guardian website here)

A Snow Book, Northern Scotland, by Adam Watson, 2011 (this book has just been published; see my review of this book on my blog here)

Academic papers and journal articles (the full texts of many of these papers and articles are only available from academic libraries or online from subscribed institutions; this list is in chronological order):

  • Cameron I, Watson A, Duncan D. 2013. Six Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2012/2013. Weather 68. 191-193. Full text of paper (PDF).
  • Cameron I, Watson A, Duncan D. 2012. Two Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2011/2012. Weather 67. 162-164. Full text of paper (PDF).
  • Watson A, Cameron I, Duncan D, Pottie J. 2011. Six Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2010/2011. Weather 66. 223-225. Full text of paper (PDF).
  • Watson A, Cameron I, Duncan D, Pottie J. 2010. Six Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2009/2010. Weather 65. 196-198. Full text of paper (PDF).
  • Watson A, Duncan D, Cameron I, Pottie J. 2009. Twelve Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2008/2009. Weather 64. 184-186. Full text of paper (PDF).
  • Watson A, Duncan D, Cameron I, Pottie J. 2008. Nine Scottish snow patches survive until winter 2007/2008. Weather 63. 138-140. Full text of paper (PDF).
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Government and NGO reports:

  • Barnett C, Hossell J, Perry M, Procter C, Hughes G. 2006. A handbook of climate trends across Scotland. SNIFFER project CC03, Scotland & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research. Full text of handbook.
  • Climate Change and Changing Patterns of Snowfall in Scotland, The Scottish Executive, 2001. Full text of report.
  • Cairngorm Area; Report of the Technical Group on the Cairngorm Area of the Eastern Highlands of Scotland, Scottish Development Department, HMSO, 1967.

Magazine articles:

  • The lichens of Choire Garbh, New Scientist, 23rd February 1984. Full text (Google books).

Academic papers about perennial ice & snow, firn, 'fossil ice' and 'glacierets' in mountain locations beyond Scotland (these are relevant for the study of Scottish snowpatches which show some similarities to these features):

  • Fujita K, Hiyama K, Iida H, Ageta Y. 2010. Self-regulated fluctuations in the ablation of a snow patch over four decades. Water Resources Research 46. Full text of paper.
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