RAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Carn nan Gabhar, Glen Loch, crash date 27/05/93

[Picture from wikipedia.org]

OS 10-figure grid refs (GPS):

NN 98823 73235 (scar)
NN 98740 73198 (memorials)

Google Maps display showing wreckage locations

This crash site is the most recent site in the Scottish mountains at which there is some trace of the crash remaining at the site. The Hercules crashed in Glen Loch near Loch Loch in 1993, killing all 9 people on board.

The crash site lies at an altitude of about 470m, less than 2km east of the summit of Carn nan Gabhar, the highest point of Beinn a'Ghlo. It is in a remote location, about 14km from the nearest public road.

The crash site itself consists of a large roughly circular scar where the topsoil appears to have been removed (1st photo below). Although a large operation was carried out after the crash to clean up the site and remove all remaining parts of the Hercules, this scar still contains many small metal fragments (2nd to 4th photos below).

About 100m west of this scar, up the slope towards Coire Cas-eagallach, is a group of memorials to the crash (5th to 8th photos below). At one of the memorials lie three wreckage pieces (9th to 10th photos below).

The ACSS website has some pictures of this wreck site and information about the crash here. There is some information about the memorial to the crash in the nearby village of Kirkmichael here. There is some information about the crash here and the MOD accident summary of the crash can be seen here. An interesting photo of the wreckage taken very soon after the crash and before the cleanup operation, can be seen here.

Update November 2012: see more additional information here; this has some details about the crash and its aftermath which come from Jon Miller, the duty officer at Perth Police HQ at the time of the crash, and which I believe have not been put in the public domain before:

These pictures were taken in August 2012.