RAF Vickers Wellington, Mullach Fraoch-choire, Glen Affric, crash date 13/02/42

[Picture from wikipedia.org]

OS 10-figure grid refs (GPS):

NH 07514 19232
NH 07548 19225
NH 07571 19256
NH 07476 19305

Google Maps display showing wreckage locations

Although this site lies at a relatively low altitude, the location at the head of Glen Affric on the north-western slopes of Mullach Fraoch-choire is quite remote and inaccessible, with the nearest road being a 9km walk away (although the Alltbeithe hostel is only 1km away). The location of the site is in a particularly magnificent setting, surrounded by the bleak moorland of upper Glen Affric and steep-sided mountains.

There is a substantial amount of wreckage at the site, located in a small area about 100m across extending downslope to an altitude of about 290m from what appears to be the scar of the impact at an altitude of about 320m. The remaining wreckage is highly fragmented, indicating a high-speed impact, although all the Wellington crew survived the crash, having bailed out before the aircraft hit the ground. Parts from one of engines (engine block, cylinders, propellor reduction gear) are still recognisable, as well as a propeller blade and parts of the geodetic frame of the Wellington fuselage.

There is information about the crash and photographs of this site on the PDAAR website here. There are some photographs of the site on the TFDACSS website here (including a picture of a fragment of propellor blade at the Alltbeithe hostel). There is some information about the crash and photographs of the site on the WYACU website here.

These pictures were taken in April 2010.