BOAC de Havilland Mosquito, Easter Balloch, Glen Lee

Crash date: 

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OS 10-figure grid refs (GPS):

NO 34788 80699
NO 34734 80573
NO 34803 80529

This wreck site is about 500m north of the summit of Easter Balloch on the featureless moorland west of Glen Lee, at an altitude of about 780m. It is about 10km south-east of the Firefly wreck on Lochnagar and about 6km north-west of the Wellington wreck on Ben Tirran (see my pages about these wreck sites here and here).

The site consists of two small areas of debris and one piece of mangled metal a few tens of metres to the north (photo below). The only recognisable piece of wreckage appears to be a section of undercarriage. Some small parts of the Mosquito's wooden construction can still be seen.

The wreckage is located in terrain consisting of peat hags and there may well be more wreckage to be found hidden in crevices. Photos which can be seen here and here appear to show a debris field I was unable to find.

The ACSS website has some information about the crash and photos of the site here. The TFDACSS has photos of the crash site here. Another site with information about the crash and photos of the wreck site can be seen here.

These pictures were taken in August 2015.

Wreck site location: