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Following Church pics were donated by Ronnie Campbell (once of Northbank Avenue) - Aug 06:

tn_Mail0095.jpg (3506 bytes)
St Brides Secondary

(The windows to the right behind the railings was the gym changing rooms. Left of this is the gym itself. To the left of the doors was the geography class)

tn_Mail0094.jpg (4394 bytes)
The Piggery Road, that led from the end of Redpath Brown's steelworks
boundary and went to down to the Clyde where we swam at the Westburn and
Newton swimming holes. This photo was taken before the road became a dumping
ground for stolen cars and rubbish.

tn_Mail0093.jpg (3392 bytes)
Northbank Avenue (in the Widden Hooses) about the late 70's
tn_Mail0091.jpg (2824 bytes)
Saint Charles school in Newton
tn_Mail0081.jpg (3738 bytes)
St Brides
tn_CopyofMail0092.jpg (3601 bytes)
Saint Charles RC church before it was burnt down

Following pics were donated by Margaret McKinnon - Oct 09, who has kindly donated many others in the past:

Church St at Cross.jpg
Looking down Church St with Morriston Church at the bottom & the buildings of Park St

Current location

Railway station and Rosebank church.jpg
Looking up Main St. towards Rosebank Church and the top of Bridge St.
Last tram.jpg

John took this  one at 12.05 on the 4th November 1956, We had come out of the Masonic hall after having a party to celebrate his 21st Birthday. He took the photo with his Uncle's camera, who was an amateur Photographer. I know that Mr Blower was there that night as he used to take pics for the "Advertiser".

So their will be similar ones around and his uncle also sold copies in Maggie Wilsons sweetie shop, for people who had requested them. As I said there will be quite a few around. Hope it is not too dark, but there is a few well kent faces among that crowd.


the corner of Colebrook Street & Mansion Street.jpg

1955 is from the kitchen window looking over to Clyde Iron works, the buildings on the left is  the corner of Colebrook Street & Mansion Street. The one on the right is the back of the Police houses. you also can see the Pigeon doocotes belonging to the Thomson Family then the washhouses where the women had their days allocated to do their washing, the place the bins were kept (The bakie) then the row of coalhouses.



Snow in park.jpg

A wintry scene in the Public park in 1950


Hamilton Road and coffin building.jpg
Looking towards bottom of Croft Road, the "Coffin building" with the roof off. nearest the camera on the left is where the Gardeners Halls were situated.

Current location


Terminus and gas works.jpg
Taken on Main St from the Co-op looking towards the gasworks just before the buildings started to be demolished.
Clydeford Road.jpg
John took this one in 1955 from the front room window of his house in Clydeford Road,  The big Gas Tank across the road, then the golf course car park and in the distance is the Power Station.

Following Pics were donated by Desi Garrity June 2010:

tn_Dandy Rows Eastfield.jpg (29273 bytes)
Dandy Rows Eastfield
tn_Eastfield Farm c1931.jpg (35150 bytes)Eastfield Farm circa 1931

Uploaded 26 Nov 2013 from a donation by Colin Findlay:

tn_Unknown pub.jpg (5471 bytes)
Does anyone recognise this pub?

I think it may have been the building on the left here

This message from John Gorevan, and expert on old Glasgow pubs

tn_Main St x.jpg (4715 bytes)
tn_Monkcastle Dr house.jpg (3956 bytes)
Monkcastle Drive
tn_Silverbanks swings.jpg (2932 bytes)
Silverbanks Swings
tn_Pub x.jpg (5051 bytes) tn_Img_1585.jpg (5013 bytes)
tn_Img_1583.jpg (5201 bytes)

Following 5 photos donated by Jim Irons via Facebook - February 2014. He says: "Here's a little trip down memory lane for those born before the face of Cambuslang changed in the early 60's. These pictures were taken in 1959 when Cambuslang had character. I lived right above the J. Stepek T.V. shop at the time. I would have been about 4 years old":

tn_Jim Irons 1.jpg (6804 bytes) tn_Jim Irons 2.jpg (7935 bytes) tn_Jim Irons 3.jpg (8068 bytes) tn_Jim Irons 4.jpg (8167 bytes) tn_Jim Irons 5.jpg (8087 bytes)

2 Photos donated by Willian Cavan - Sep 2016

"I believe the group photo was taken in Gateside Avenue in the 1920’s. Also one during the second war with kids with Gas Masks. I am pretty sure my Uncle Dan is in the large photo and he looks about six so would make it late 1920’s. My father always talked about a newspaper article about Gateside Avenue and I think it was considered ‘Slum Town’ and I have always believed that this photo was taken at the same time":

tn_Gateside Ave 1920s.jpg (8919 bytes) tn_Gateside Ave WW2.jpg (12377 bytes)

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