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tn_Athletic Club.jpg (7433 bytes)
Rugby Club

tn_MainsSt12.jpg (2827 bytes)
The Cross

tn_War Memorial.jpg (2369 bytes)
War Memorial

Donated by
Kit Davidson
June 2001

tn_boyle086-001.jpg (2252 bytes)
View to Caledonian Circuit

tn_Bridges.jpg (2856 bytes)
Old Gateside Pit

Current location

tn_boyle086-001.jpg (2252 bytes)
View to Caledonian Circuit

tn_Pond.jpg (3007 bytes)
Public Park

Better Photo

tn_Bowlers.jpg (2580 bytes)

Better photo

tn_Colebroke2.jpg (2449 bytes)
Salvation Hall, Colebroke St

tn_NOV10.jpg (3224 bytes)
Main St

tn_BankStreet.jpg (2651 bytes)
Bank St

tn_BankStreet2.jpg (2266 bytes)
Bank St

Current location

tn_ColebrokeStreet.jpg (2675 bytes)
Colebroke St
tn_NOV1.jpg (2356 bytes)
tn_NOV9.jpg (3304 bytes)
Public Park
tn_BlackBull.jpg (1547 bytes)
View from top of Rosebank Church
tn_hallsideold.jpg (3255 bytes)
Site of Hallside Steel Works
tn_hallsidenew.jpg (4005 bytes)
New Drumsargard
tn_TermNov.jpg (3597 bytes)

tn_CairnsRd.jpg (2957 bytes)
Cairns Rd


tn_DrMeek.jpg (3158 bytes)
tn_Monkcastle.jpg (2906 bytes)
Monkcastle Drive
tn_Monkcastle2.jpg (2312 bytes)
Monkcastle Drive
tn_GlasgowRd.jpg (2453 bytes)
Glasgow Rd
From Buchanan Drive 1978

Donated by James Mullen Jan 02
tn_Clipping.jpg (2436 bytes)
Clipping 1971

(this was the first item I collected and encouraged me to create this site. Ed)
tn_HamiltonRd.jpg (3230 bytes)
Towards Halfway
tn_RailwayStation.jpg (2713 bytes)
Railway Station

Colour version
tn_RailwayStation2.jpg (2837 bytes)
Station Square

Better Photo

tn_Carmyle.jpg (2997 bytes)

Better Photo
tn_Dyeworks.jpg (3055 bytes)

Current Location

Better Photo

tn_Golf.jpg (3480 bytes)
Golf Course
tn_Lightbrn.jpg (3442 bytes)
Lightburn Rd
tn_TollPitch.jpg (2912 bytes)
Toll Pit

Better Photo
tn_MorristonHse.jpg (3260 bytes)
Morriston House

Current Location

Better Photo
tn_Cam3x.jpg (2473 bytes)
Main St

Current location
tn_Dovecote.jpg (1965 bytes)
tn_Prospect.jpg (3366 bytes)
Wellshot Dr
tn_Wellshot1.jpg (2907 bytes)
Wellshot Dr
tn_HamiltonRd2.jpg (2691 bytes)
Hamilton Rd
tn_MainSt13022000.jpg (3080 bytes)
Main St
tn_Cambuslang1853.jpg (2432 bytes)
Thought you might be interested in this old parchment that was used as a letter by one of my wife's ancestors that came from Cambuslang. He was Colin Donald and came to Australia in 1853.
Donated by Bill Burgess Nov 02
tn_Football.jpg (2077 bytes)
Cambuslang Rangers The Glory Years 1971-74
tn_newbook.jpg (2500 bytes)
Book on Cambuslang Rangers, called
The Villa Villagers -   Scottish Junior Cup Winners 1937- 8.
tn_Football.jpg (2077 bytes)
Can anyone identify these cups?
tn_soccer.jpg (3245 bytes)
Hibernian FC
tn_TheCrossfromtheTower.jpg (2378 bytes)
The Cross
tn_ViewtoKirkhill2.jpg (1627 bytes)
View to Kirkhill
tn_ParkStreet.jpg (1722 bytes)
Park St

Donated by Robert Armstrong Mar 2003
tn_GatesideBrickWorks.jpg (3893 bytes)
Gateside Brick Works
tn_GatesidePitSprays.jpg (2564 bytes)
Gateside Pit Head Sprays

tn_CurlersRest.jpg (3468 bytes)
Curlers Rest

Donated by Gordon Dunsmuir Nov 03
My, grandfather, James Dunsmuir, is on the right. He was a chargehand in the
pub. I think the photo dates from the 1920s.

See here for other pic

tn_Clydesmillpowerstation.jpg (3567 bytes)
Clydesmill Power station circa 1950

Donated by Gordon Dunsmuir Nov   03
tn_Cambuslang Shop Eclipse 1926.jpg (1883 bytes)
Donated by Jean Myers Jun 10

it is my great granny. On the original you can read that the poster is talking about the Scottish Eclipse which I think was about 1926/7. The name above the shop is Ella Oakley - her daughter!

tn_charliehill1.jpg (4165 bytes)
Charlie Hill

Donated by
Gordon Dunsmuir Feb 04

tn_CentralAve.jpg (4275 bytes)
Central Ave
HallsideFarm_tn.jpg (1491 bytes)
Milk Maid
tn_rhul.jpg (2782 bytes)
Rhul Cinema Burnside
tn_Clangpanorama.jpg (1633 bytes)
Toward the circuit

Summerfest 19 June 2004

tn_Memorial2.jpg (2959 bytes)
War Memorial

Later Photo

tn_cc1b.jpg (3899 bytes)
Public Park
08930576.jpg Aerial View WestburnHouse2.jpg
Westburn House
Luftwaffe Photo of Clydebridge Steelworks 1941
tn_PondJun07.jpg (3710 bytes)
Public Park
tn_Morristonbookmark.jpg (3743 bytes)
Morrison Church Bookmarks

Donated by Gordon Dunsmuir
Nov 03
tn_scan0061.jpg (2529 bytes)
Morrison Church

Photos taken by the late Archie Barr, in early 60's just before the demolition of Church St.

tn_scan0065.jpg (3019 bytes)

Both photos donated by Margaret Mckinnon (nee Kerr) Oct 08
tn_CambuslangStation.jpg (3883 bytes)
Donated by John Robin June 2009
tn_Station.jpg (2886 bytes)
tn_RailwayStation.jpg (2713 bytes)

Colour version

tn_ParkSt2.jpg (3585 bytes)
Park St

tn_Kirkhill Station Master.jpg (5929 bytes)
See Google map for current view.

Better Photo

tn_Central Avenue.jpg (28070 bytes)
Central Ave

tn_Clyde Orion Bridge.jpg (20140 bytes)
New Orion Bridge

tn_Terminus 2 trams.jpg (48114 bytes)
Postcard showing Terminus 1917

tn_Hallside2.jpg (2386 bytes) tn_Hallside1wks.jpg (2460 bytes)

Hallside Steel Works, Newton, Lanarkshire

This was the first large-scale steel works in Scotland, founded in 1871 by the Steel Company of Scotland. This became part of Colvilles Ltd in the 1930s, and was converted to make alloy steels by Clyde Alloy Ltd in 1959.

This view shows the building latterly used as the pattern shop and joiners' shop, immediately north of the entrance. Before the works was converted into an alloy steel works it made some very large steel castings, hence the size of the pattern shop.

Clyde Alloy Ltd was a Colville subsidiary set up in 1936 to make stainless and other alloy steels. The conversion of Hallside to make such steels was a reflection of growing demand in the post-war period. The works closed c.1979.

tn_HALLSIDESTEELWKSclear.jpg (3067 bytes) tn_HALLSIDEclear.jpg (3395 bytes)

Above 2 pics donated by John McGhee Jan 05


Clydebridge Steel Works and Clyde Iron Works

(For More information and pics,  visit Colin Findlay's excellent site at

tn_Cbridge1.jpg (2572 bytes)
Clydebridge Steel Works
tn_CB1.jpg (3281 bytes)
Gas Ovens
tn_Cbridge2.jpg (2235 bytes)
Plate Mill Skids
Mangle.jpg (2951 bytes)
tn_Plate1.jpg (2054 bytes)
Side Cutters
tn_Plate2.jpg (2162 bytes)
tn_CB2.jpg (2991 bytes)
Lid Lifter

Some of the following were donated by Colin Findlay - Sep 2002. He says,

"Here are a few photos of  Clydebridge Steelworks - photos of the 1916, 1921-1960 and 1961-1981 Plate Mills and  one of the cooling floor in June 1981. I  was a mechanical engineer in Clydebridge, finally Plate Mill engineer in 1980. I  have a lot of information and photos and have been slowly writing a history of the place. I would be interested in any extra information anyone else has."cfindlay @

  tn_CBCoggingMillandUpcutShearD1916.jpg (2985 bytes)
Cogging Mill and Upper Shears 1916
tn_CBPlateMillFJune1981.jpg (3601 bytes)
Plate Mill 1981
tn_CBPlateCoolingMarkingFloorJune1981.jpg (2807 bytes)
Plate cooling and marking floor 1981

(where I worked 1961/62..Ed)

tn_ClydebridgePlateMillAug1939.jpg (3051 bytes)
Plate Mill Aug 1939
tn_ClydebridgeFeb1973s.jpg (2239 bytes)
Clydebridge 1973
tn_ClydebridgePlatemillJune1973a.jpg (2711 bytes)
Plate Mill June 1973


tn_Clydebridge Steel.jpg (16064 bytes)

tn_1920clydebridge.jpg (3247 bytes)

Donated by Brian Maclure
whose gradfather was
A Woods
Nov 02
tn_lang1.jpg (3018 bytes)
Courtesy of Evening Times June 2005
tn_lang5.jpg (2533 bytes)
Courtesy of Evening Times Jun 2005

tn_CIW.jpg (3459 bytes)
This works was founded in 1788, but was thereafter rebuilt several times. It took its latterly existing form from the late 1930s, when the first large mechanically-charged blast-furnace was constructed. Rebuilding was completed in the 1950s.
This view shows the blast-furnace plant from Clydebridge Steel Works, Number one furnace is on the right, with two and three to the left. The silver towers are hot-blast stoves. The cooling tower served the works power station.
The works closed in 1978, as Clydebridge Steel Works, the main customer for its pig iron, was closed as part of the British Steel Corporation's programme of phasing out open-hearth steelmaking. It has since been demolished.

tn_ClydeIronApr1975.jpg (3009 bytes)
Clyde Iron Works with Hoover building in foreground 1975