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Pyramid Mountain snow cover comparisons

These panoramic pics were taken from the north ridge of Mount Pyramid at this location: N 52.96255 W 118.14701 Google Maps Location
The altitude is approx. 2367m.
The panorama shows summits in the Victoria Cross Ranges, north of Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. From left to right they are: 2763m Pyramid Mountain, 2650m Mount Kinross and 2630m Mount Zengel.
Date of first picture: 12 June 1998.
Date of second picture: 07 June 2007.
The first picture was taken with a simple camera and the picture is not very good quality.
You can see that in the intervening years the telecommunication tower on the summit of Pyramid Mountain has been removed.
The photos were taken on almost exactly the same day of the year 9 years apart, but the snow cover is much more extensive in the 2007 photos.