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Norway 1 - 24/06/00-02/07/00 Climber's Log entry here.

Looking down Gjende into Jotunheimen from Gjendesheim

Near the summit of 1743m Veslefjellet . 2258m Besshø in the distance.

At the foot of Galdhøpiggen in Spiterstulen. 2214m Styggehøi in the background

Looking south up Visdalen into the heart of Jotunheimen from the slopes of Galdhøpiggen

Ian at the summit of 2469m Galdhøpiggen

Looking north across the Styggebreen glacier from the slopes of Galdhøpiggen

The western face of 2330m Leirhøi from the slopes of Galdhoppigen; Ian can just be made out silhouetted against a distant snowfield

Camping at Spiterstulen

Breakfast; looking south down Leirdalen into the heart of Jotunheimen; the pinnacle-shaped mountain in the distance is 2020m Stetinden

On route 55 crossing the Sognefjell; 2069m Fanaråki in the background

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