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California 17 - 26 June 2005

The Sonora pass and Leavitt Peak; 18 June 2005

Stanislaus National Forest; Donnell Lake and Dome Rock from the Sonara Pass road

Looking into the Emigrant Wilderness from the Sonora Pass road

Looking east from the 9624ft summit of the Sonora Pass

The Sonora Pass

Pacific Crest Trail at the Sonora Pass

Sardine Creek from the north ridge of Leavitt Peak

3424m/11233ft Stanislaus Peak (left) and 3493m/11459ft Sonora Peak (right )

3527m/11570ft Leavitt Peak

Deadman creek from the north ridge of Leavitt Peak

Sierra Nevada peaks from Hwy 395 on route to Mammoth Lakes

Mono Lake

Hwy 395 to Mammoth Lakes; 3739m/12268ft Mount Morrison, 3600m/11812ft Laurel Mountain and 3817m/12522ft Bloody Mountain

Mammoth Lakes 19 June 2005

Road to Minaret Summit

Ansel Adams Wilderness from the Minaret Summit at 9285ft. From left to right: the Minarets, 4006m/13143ft Mount Ritter and 3946m/12945ft Banner Peak

Minaret Summit

Hwy 395 to Lone Pine; 4161m/13652ft Mount Tom near Bishop

Movie here

Horseshoe Meadow 21 June 2005

Owens Lake from the Horseshoe Meadow road

Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills from the Horseshoe Meadow road

Trail from Horseshoe Meadow to Cottonwood Creak at 10000ft

Cottonwood Creek trail

Cottonwood Creek

Horseshoe Meadow

Owens Lake from the Horseshoe Meadow road
Movie here

4419m/14494ft Mount Whitney; 22/23 June 2005
Read some notes about this trip I posted to a discussion forum Climber's Log entry here.

Mount Whitney (highest point in United States outside Alaska) and surrounding peaks from the Lone Pine visitor center

Mount Whitney from the portal road

Looking north up the Owens Valley from the Whitney portal road

The Whitney portal road

Thor Peak and Mount Whitney from the portal road

Start of the main Mount Whitney trail

Thor Peak from the trail

Lizard on the trail

Trail crossing North Fork Lone Pine Creek

Climbing towards Lone Pine Lake

Crossing Lone Pine Creek at 10,000ft

The start of the Whitney zone above Lone Pine Lake

Looking down to Lone Pine Lake and east across the Owens Valley to the Inyo Mountains

Bighorn Sheep Park and Outpost Camp

Snow-covered trail to Trail Camp above Mirror Lake at 11,000ft

Trail Camp at 12,000ft

The route to Trail Crest

Solar latrine at Trail Camp

Whitney Needles at sunrise

Snow surface on the trail at sunrise

The route to Trail Crest at sunrise

Ice on the switchbacks

Cable section of the switchbacks

Pinnacle Ridge from the snow chute

Wotans Throne and Trail Camp from the snow chute

Highest point; approx. 13,000ft on the snow chute

Looking up the snow chute towards Trail Crest

Marmot at Trail Camp

Mount Whitney and the Needles from Trail Camp

Descent from Trail Camp

Frozen Consultation Lake

Above Whitney Portal

Lone Pine: Dow Villa Hotel where I stayed; and the Mount Whitney Restaurant where I had a Buffalo Whitney Burger

Death Valley 24 June 2005

Sierra Nevada peaks and Owens Lake from the road to Death Valley

Panamint Valley

Sand dunes in Death Valley

Dust devil in Death Valley

Death Valley; near Furnace Creek. Temperature: 46c

Looking north up Death Valley

Looking south down Death Valley into the Badwater Basin, lowest point in the western hemisphere

3368m/11049ft Telescope Peak

Death Valley road


Sea level marker on cliff above Badwater

Badwater spring


Lowest point; -86m/-282ft

Looking north up Death Valley