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RAF Airspeed Oxford, Braeriach, crash date 12/10/43.

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Whilst walking towards the extensive summit plateau of the 1296m munro Braeriach, from the subsidiary summit of Sron na Lairige (in the Cairngorms) in September 2004, I came across this small pile of rusted metal tubes. I cannot positively identify this but it is probably the remains of an Airspeed Oxford. HGWR lists 2 aircraft (the other being a Bristol Blenheim which crashed on 26/03/45) as having crashed in this area at exactly the same grid reference, but the SAWS website has a picture of this crash site here and claims that it is the Airspeed Oxford. HGWR also states on page 21 (as the caption to a photograph): 'The Airspeed Oxford was mainly of wooden construction, so only metal fittings tend to survive at crash sites'. This and the fact that the Bristol Blenheim was a fairly large aircraft would tend to suggest that this is indeed the Airspeed Oxford.