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This page is intended to display group photos taken prior to 1970. If you have any that you would like displayed, please email in JPEG format. 

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        Primary School                   Secondary School


Secondary school gone and waiting for new police station to be built
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Photos kindly donated by South Lanarkshire Council Nov 2012


St Brides Primary School is due for demolition this summer. Here are a few photos taken in memory, June 2013

And some of the demolition    and here

Looking for information about Science teacher Sid McEwan

Some School Teachers' names from 1920 -1960.  Can you add more?


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St Brides School

tn_St Brides.jpg (3154 bytes)
St Brides School 1952/53
tn_St Brides School 1956_57.jpg (3530 bytes)
St Bride's 1956/57

Donated by  Maureen and John Flynn
Sep 2001

tn_St Brides Football Team 1951_52.jpg (3443 bytes)
St Brides Football Team 1951-52

Donated by  Maureen and John Flynn
Sep 2001

tn_StBridesSchool.jpg (3174 bytes)
St Brides School

Other names submitted by Myles Murray June 2014

St Bride's

tn_Frankteam.jpg (3303 bytes)
St Brides Football Team 1958?

Photo donated by James Mullen Jan 02

Other names submitted by Myles Murray June 2014

tn_StBrides1948.jpg (3667 bytes)
St Brides 1948

Donated by
Marie Emonds (McColgan)
Jan 02.
Formerly from 81 Caledonian Circuit

tn_StBridesMF.jpg (3643 bytes)
St Brides 1956/57
Donated by Maureen Flynn
Feb 02

Anyone know the names?

tn_StBrides1957.jpg (3779 bytes)
St Brides 1957

Donated by
Gerry Carroll
Apr 2002

tn_stbrides5253_jpg.jpg (3281 bytes)

Donated by David Kelly Jan 2003


tn_fe19-013.jpg (3087 bytes)
Donated by Tommy McSorley Feb 03

tn_fe19-012.jpg (3408 bytes)
Donated by Tommy McSorley Feb 03

tn_StBrides195657.jpg (3782 bytes)
Hugh Mullen


tn_JY21001.jpg (3834 bytes)
'Football Team'
Donated by Tommy McSorley whose younger brother, Robert is centre, back row

tn_StBridesSep03.jpg (3780 bytes)

Donated by George Coyle
Sep 2003
George is third row, sixth from the left. Anyone in the picture recognizing themselves please contact George.

More names submitted by Myles Murray June 2014

tn_img042.jpg (9541 bytes)
Donated by Anne Marie Miles (Davidson) 
(circled in photo)

via Elizabeth Houston

tn_StBrides14Sep03.jpg (3470 bytes)
Donated by Liz Houston Sep 2003

The girl 2nd from right front row is my sister Bridget (Bridie) Boyle. At that time we lived in the tenements in Bothwell St, (Silverbanks). God knows why it was called that? I myself went to St Brides around 1957 and later to St Cadocs. I have found myself in a couple of photos, and my mother and grandmother in a photo from the Halfway womens guild.
Sally & Brian Boyle - Feb 2012

tn_StBrides6Oct03b.jpg (3694 bytes)
Donated by Liz Houston Oct 03

tn_vic.jpg (5506 bytes)
Donated by Victor Cannon

21 Feb 04

tn_StBrides19578MarleneMcGillanTopRowMiddlewholivedinParkStre.jpg (6245 bytes)
(Marlene McGillan,
Top row middle)

Donated by Lee McGillan
July 04

Other view


tn_StBridesSeniors.jpg (5015 bytes)
Donated by
Colin Hough Aug 04

Note from James Harvey Jan 2012

Hugh (Shuggie) Coyle, is the one third row down and is part kneeling at the end of the row on the right. (It looks like he is wearing an Army Greatcoat). It was his family who took me in when my Gran was ill and that was on many occasions.

tn_StBridesConcert.jpg (5161 bytes)
Donated by
Colin Hough Aug 04

tn_McGowanCupFinal1960.jpg (5118 bytes)
Donated by
Colin Hough Aug 04

tn_maeschoolresized.jpg (3845 bytes)
Donated by Mary Lamb (nee Mellin)
Oct 2005

tn_StBr.jpg (3793 bytes)
Donated by Councillor Bob Rooney Mar 07 who is seated far right


Names obtained 24 June 2013 at school open session

tn_school2.jpg (3806 bytes)
Also donated by Councillor Bob Rooney who is seated third left


Names obtained 24 June 2013 at school open session

tn_Elmwoodcolledge.jpg (3785 bytes)
I managed to borrow these photos from my sister Patricia Kelly (nee O'Brien).  Patricia is in the Elmwood College (Bothwell) photo,fourth from the right of second back row.  Her friend Susan Mullen is first on the right of Same row. I believe the picture was taken around 1953 just after she left St Bride's primary Cambuslang.

Both these photos donated by Margaret Limerick (nee O'Brien) May 07

tn_StBridesSchoolChoir195053.jpg (2584 bytes)
St Bride's school Choir
with Father White in centre front row.  Also sitting in front row, second from left is Gerald Kelly.   I think this was taken in the early fifties.  The connection between these two photos is that Gerald Kelly (now deceased) married my sister Patricia O'Brien.


Other names submiited by Myles Murray June 2014

The following 4 photos were donated by
Bridie McFarland and Isobel Baird
and submitted by Elizabeth Coyle (nee Dunsmuir)
Oct 07

tn_BridieMcFarland3.jpg (4045 bytes)1952/53
Donated by
James Harvey
Feb 2011

Some names here

tn_BridieMcFarland2.jpg (4122 bytes)


tn_BridieMcFarland1.jpg (3441 bytes)


tn_IsobelBaird1.jpg (3968 bytes)


tn_clip_image002.jpg (4017 bytes)

Early 1950s

Donated by
James Keatings
Feb 10

Next 2 photos donated by Phillip Collins, of East Kilbride

Nov 2010

tn_Kate Coleman.jpg (4638 bytes)
Class 2A, St. Bride's Secondary, 1948/9


tn_Anne McFadden.jpg (4115 bytes)
1951? 3rd from left in front row is Anne McFadden, late wife of
Phillip Collins
tn_St Brides 63.jpg (4091 bytes)
1959 or 60

I was very pleased to come across your site with old pics from st brides. my dad was so pleased to see them, as he knew most of them. james savage, alias, jamo.

found this old picture in the scapbook. think it was around 63, 64? my dad was born in 1948. would love to know if you other photos from that era. my dad is second in from left, back row. hope you find this pleasing.
Stephen Savage Dec 2010.

Email from Margaret McKinnon June 2013 who was talking to William Lynch. He says...

In the class photo donated by Stephen Savage he states the date is 1963-64, I think it is 59-60. I am in the photo, extreme right middle row.
Middle row -2nd from left is Peter Coyle still lives in Kirkhill. 3rd along is Ricky Scott?
Girls front row- 2nd from left Carol Peacock also Kirkhill. 6 along, Anne McLaughlin?
On the back row, 4th along is Lawrence Boyle, (any relation?) and extreme right is James Savage, whose son sent this photo in to you.

tn_st brides 1947.jpg (11536 bytes)
Donated by James Connolly Jun 2011. His mother is
Ella Donnely


tn_St Brides primary 1952.jpg (6786 bytes)
tn_St Bride's - possibly mid 1940's.jpg (5795 bytes)
Mid 1940s

My dad was born in 1934 and is 4th from left in the front row, Eddie McGrevey. Mrs Mamie Coyle (Lynn) I think is 3rd from the left in the front row and Mr Tommy Mullen is the last in the row at the right hand side. Mr & Mrs Docherty are in the middle row (Mrs D 5th from L) and in the top row (Mr D is 4th from L). Apologies but some people to the left have been cut out of the picture when it has been re-copied or scanned.
Maureen Calikes Feb 2012

See uncut version

tn_St Brides Primary from Anna.jpg (6924 bytes)

Room 5 1955/56
Donated by
Anna Larkin
(nee Crawley)
Apr 2013

tn_St Brides 8 Nov 1947.jpg (5905 bytes)
8 Nov 1947
Donated by
Rena Collins (nee Cannon)


tn_Teachers in colour.jpg (4090 bytes)

Next 3 photos obtained 24 June 2013 at school open session. Names wanted please.

Detail provided by Louise Jones Aug 2013

tn_Large Group.jpg (6057 bytes) tn_Mr Purdies class.jpg (5967 bytes)

Mr Pudies's class

tn_St Brides photo from M Emonds.JPG (6788 bytes)

Donated by Michael Emonds June 2013

tn_St brides Payne.jpg (9941 bytes)
Josephine Payne, St Brides Secondary school, who sadly passed away 15th December 2013

She was born march 1938 in Rutherglen and she was maybe 12-14 in this photo. She is 5th in the middle row from left. Her twin sister Jean Payne is front row 6th left

Donated by Clare McSherry Jan 2014

tn_StBrides7Sep03.jpg (3933 bytes)
Donated by Tommy McSorley
Sep 2003

I have acquired a list of school entrants covering the period 2 May 1949 - 3 Aug 1950. If you want a copy please email with a 'good' reason. I cannot publish them because they contain private information. An example of my entry here.

They are especially interesting as the contain home addresses all long gone. Among them are locations such as...

Mid Netherton army camp Carmunnock - Please let me know if you have a connection with this camp
Whins army camp Blantyre
Caldervale (Fin-Me-Oot)
Knowetop farm ?
Dyeworks building
Pretoria St
Dechmont huts



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