Taken in 1945. I believe this is the first photo of Eastfield School that has been submitted to you for posting on your site.

I have forgotten most of the names, but Jackie Kennedy has supplied the names that he remembers, just hope they are correct.

First Row Standing at back, Left to Right: Robert Allison (me), Billy Kerr, ?, ?. Hardie, Hugh Riggins, ?. Tom Gallacher, ?.

Second Row Down: D. Henderson, Ian Wright, Jackie Kennedy, ?. N. Hopper, ?, ?, ?, John Gordon, ?.

Third Row Down:- ?, ?, ?, Margaret Lindsay, ?. ?. Margaret Semple, ?. ?. Mary Morriston.

Fourth Row Down:- ?. Ina Withers, Ina Gibbs, Maxwell, ?. ?. E. MacArthur, ?. ?. ?.

Front Row Sitting:- ?. ?. Peter Grant, ?. ?. J. Black.

I remember each and every face and the personality of each person, but just cannot remember all the names and apologise to those whose names I have left out. What can one expect at 71 years of age?

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