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New photos 29 Apr 2015

Newton Primary, circa 1956 and Gateside Junior Secondary, circa 1957.
Donated by Bobby Edwards April 2015.
Can you Identify names?


Snippet from Walter Japp's story (see rest here)

"Then there was the Chippie at the bottom of the Rd. Pure heaven for 3d worth of chips. But if we pooled our money we could get 4d worth. A fish supper was 9d. At the very end of Lightburn Rd was a MAGNIFICENT memorial to the VICTORIAN craftsmen. A lovely cast iron green PUBLIC URINAL! Wonder what happened to it (maybe its in someones garden as a conservatory?). Another treat was going to the Gateside colliery for a hot shower. Oh heaven, stand there as long as you like and come out sparkling clean and very prune like. Sometimes we could get into the Miners Welfare hall to play snooker thanks to BOBBY DUNN who was timekeeper at times. Bobby was also an officer in the 217th BB which I was a member of in 1947-50 He also took the football team which I was fortunate enough to be in."


A message from Ed...

A lot of effort and time has gone into compiling this site. Its intention is to give nostalgic enjoyment. Please leave a note in my guestbook below to let me know that you visited. It will be appreciated and will encourage me to keep the the pages updated. 

Over the years, my tidy and organised array of photos has become huge and generally disorganised by the accumulation of item donations from many over the years. I make no apology for this apparent disarray and feel that this labyrinth of historic items lends itself to in-depth browsing to uncover those little 'gems' which can be found here and there by those with a nostalgic nose.

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Misc Photo Galleries

6 Pages of thumbnails in a haphazard collection


Then and Now History of Cambuslang Aerial photos  Select personal items of an historic nature
donated by individuals for publication
Area Redevelopment 1960s.
Historic maps  Ramble round Cambuslang 1850s Poems When Dinosaurs ruled in Cambuslang Kings Crescent area
Hallside Village Terraced Houses 1978 Movie of Old Cambuslang 1933 and (Video Stills) - Courtesy of L.E.A.P Ltd, Tel 0141 641 5169 for more details Names and obituaries of some local war heroes Mainly Halfway photos taken Oct 09 Local Astronomer - Henry McEwen

Electoral Roll Place Names from 1881. A guide to locating historic addresses from their geographic sequential layout.

Westburn cemetery March 2001

Colour video of trams taken late 1950s

Postcard photos donated by Archie Edmond

Photos donated by Rutherglen and Cambuslang Housing Association of the Caledonian Circuit and Kings Cres during redevelopment of the area

Donated by Carol O'Donnell, (nee Lindsay) Oct 2005, whose father, or fathers friend, either snapped them himself or otherwise acquired them in the early 1960s.

Odds 'n' Sorts   

Group Photos

Old School Photos

Clydebridge Steel Works

Back in time by Colin Findlay

Extract from a 1929 book

Suitcase Circus - 1978

Whitefield Bowling Club History



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