5 Field Squadron Royal Engineers

Compiled by Ed Boyle RAPC who served with 5 Fd Sqn 1972 -75 then 26 Engr Regt 1981-1983

Sennelager 73 - Pre Op Banner Trg


Derry%2073/tn_5FdSennelageragain.jpg (2721 bytes)

Sgt Paul Lyttle REME, Sgt Keith Austin RE,
Sgt Ron Collins ACC

Derry%2073/tn_Sennelager 73 Tea.jpg (3469 bytes)

tn_Meal wagon Sennelager.jpg (4117 bytes) tn_Sennelager Ranges.JPG (5498 bytes) tn_Harry Hayward RE.jpg (16716 bytes)
Ssgt Harry Haward

Derry%2073/tn_Sennelager.jpg (4230 bytes)
Sgt Tom Livingstone, WO1 George Dodd

Ballykelly Airfield 1973  

Squadron Photo

tn_5FdSqn.jpg (20796 bytes)                                                  

 Coloured version                                                            



Derry%2073/tn_5Fd Sqn Lisburn 1973.jpg (5802 bytes)
Spr Travers on left, Sgt Eddie Boyle RAPC on right

Derry%2073/tn_6-19-2011_006.JPG (4876 bytes)

Ssgt Larry Inge on right

Derry%2073//tn_DerryMagilligan.jpg (2621 bytes)
?,  Eddie Boyle RAPC

Derry%2073//tn_6-11-2011_020.jpg (4335 bytes)
SSgt Roger Stanford

Derry%2073//tn_6-10-2011_124.jpg (5979 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_5 Fd Sqn Trg 1973.jpg (4984 bytes)

Derry%2073/tn_8-21-2013_041.jpg (5236 bytes)
Swanns bridge over River Roe Limavady

Current location

Bridge and surrounds completely changed since 1973

tn_Bridge.jpg (5888 bytes)

tn_Ballykelly 73 Front of HQ office 2.jpg (4440 bytes)
Bringing in the baddies

tn_Ballykelly 73 Front of HQ office.jpg (4471 bytes)

tn_Ballykelly 73 Int centre.jpg (2990 bytes)

tn_Marty balykelly.jpg (4126 bytes)
Marty Wild

Derry%2074/tn_6-10-2011_122.jpg (5117 bytes)
Tom Livingstone



tn_Derry Area 73.jpg (14040 bytes)
Eddie Boyle RAPC

Derry%2073/tn_5 Fd Sqn Work outside Sqn HQ 1973.jpg (3844 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_6-10-2011_123.jpg (5412 bytes)
Sgt Ron Collins ACC

tn_6-10-2011_121.jpg (2851 bytes)
Sgt Paul Lyttle REME

Derry%2073//tn_8-9-2013_014.jpg (3917 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_Derry 73 Parade.jpg (3605 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_Ballykelly1.jpg (5576 bytes)
Leaving parade.
Ssgt Roger Stanford

Derry%2073//tn_Ballykelly 75 Sankey.jpg (4705 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_Ballykelly Pete Broadbent parade.jpg (4609 bytes)

Derry%2073//tn_Derry parade Ballykelly 73.jpg (4741 bytes)

Troop Photos prior to leaving - Can you identify the other troops?

         Plant                                              HQ                                           2 Tp

Derry%2073/tn_Plant Troop.jpg (4731 bytes) Derry%2073/tn_HQ_Troop.jpg (3043 bytes) Derry%2073/tn_8-9-2013_009.jpg (4122 bytes) Derry%2073/tn_Boyyd_Heron.jpg (4543 bytes) Derry%2073/tn_8-9-2013_010.JPG (3924 bytes) Derry%2073/tn_8-9-2013_011.jpg (4030 bytes)

                                                                 Derry 1974    

                                                                   Waterloo Car Park

                                                                                    tn_DerryFriends_jpg.jpg (1805 bytes)

                                                                            We quickly made friends

Derry%2074/tn_Pete Broadbent2.jpg (4091 bytes)
WO2 Pete Broadbant
Derry%2074/tn_Pete Broadbent.jpg (4126 bytes)
Pete Broadbent
Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_029.JPG (5880 bytes)
Senior Rank Accommodation
Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_025.JPG (3778 bytes)
Waterloo Place
Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_023.JPG (4617 bytes)
Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_021.JPG (4089 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_018.JPG (3825 bytes)
Tom MCulloch

Derry%2074/tn_6-19-2011_007.JPG (4035 bytes)
Sgt John  'Marty Wild'

Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_018.jpg (4164 bytes)Ssgt Larry Inge Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_013.jpg (8141 bytes)
Ssgt Gordon MacNaught
Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_008.jpg (5582 bytes)
Gordon MacNaught
Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park 5.jpg (3784 bytes)
Sqn Base


Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_006a.jpg (6336 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_009a.jpg (3844 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Sgts mess 3.jpg (5956 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Sgts mess 1.jpg (5793 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_004a.jpg (4865 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Sgts mess 2.jpg (6451 bytes)
tn_Derry 74 Mess.jpg (4891 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_6-10-2011_120.jpg (3012 bytes)?

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_015.jpg (4140 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_Derry2.jpg (2346 bytes)

? and
Sgt Eddie Boyle RAPC

Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park 2.jpg (5719 bytes)
SQMS Business meeting
Derry%2074/tn_WRMP.jpg (4595 bytes)
Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_012.jpg (4666 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Marty.jpg (4640 bytes)
Sgt 'Marty' Wild


Derry%2074/tn_NI.jpg (1515 bytes)

Sgts Eddie Boyle and 'Marty' Wild

Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo.jpg (4557 bytes)
Sqn HQ staff
Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park 3.jpg (5650 bytes)
Capt Eric Tait sitting right
Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park 4.jpg (5306 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_5 Fd Sqn Strand Derry 1964.jpg (4547 bytes)
Brian John Horne

Waterloo Place PCP 

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_002.jpg (4589 bytes)
Fixing arial

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_003.jpg (3737 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_007.jpg (3821 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_Major JW Ray.jpg (4583 bytes)
Maj Ray

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_011.jpg (4136 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_019.jpg (3701 bytes)
Chief Clerk

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_004.jpg (3671 bytes)
SNCO's Dining area

Derry%2074/Sgts Mess.jpg
'Marty Wilde' and Roger Stanford
Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_021.jpg (3624 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_013.jpg (4425 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_017.jpg (4300 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_020.jpg (3457 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Chief Clerk.jpg (4050 bytes)
Chief Clerk
tn_Derry papa 9 again 2.jpg (3681 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_009.jpg (3647 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_Roger Stanford.jpg (5390 bytes)
Derry%2074/tn_Roger Derry.jpg (5388 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Roger Derry 2.jpg (5502 bytes)

tn_Derry 74 papa 9 again.jpg (3908 bytes)

tn_Derry 74 papa 9 again 2.jpg (4519 bytes) tn_Derry 74 papa 9.jpg (4794 bytes)

tn_Derry 73 rear entrance.jpg (3900 bytes)

tn_Derry 74 bomb 2 pigs.jpg (4281 bytes) tn_Derry 74 PCP.jpg (4808 bytes)

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_030.JPG (3610 bytes)

tn_Derry 74 bomb alert.jpg (5066 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_6-11-2011_003a.jpg (4487 bytes)
Strand bomb alert
Derry%2074/tn_Derry3.jpg (4292 bytes)
Bomb alert

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_016.jpg (4803 bytes)
Bomb alert

Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_028.JPG (3577 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Roger Stanford.jpg (5474 bytes)
Ssgt Roger Stanford
'Pigeon control officer'
Derry%2074/tn_8-21-2013_006.jpg (4420 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Marty Wild on floor.JPG (3485 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Marty Wild.JPG (2520 bytes)
Aerial views of base area today Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park a.jpg (5827 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park b.jpg (4731 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park c.jpg (5613 bytes) Derry%2074/tn_Waterloo Car Park d.jpg (4995 bytes)  

Squadron Magazine

Regimental Magazine

Regimental Nominal Roll in Derry 1974 which includes 73 Fd Sqn ---- email me for access

External Link to Andy Smith's site for 2 Troop 5 Fd  Sqn 1972-75

Photos taken by Sgt John Bell


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RAPC Pay Team 1981

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